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Let's say no to single use plastic, save the environment now!

About Us

OPACK provide sustainable food and beverage packaging solution for businesses in events, catering, and canteens. The OPACK rentNreturn service offers reusable containers and cups, seamless logistics, and professional cleaning, to eliminate single-use plastic.

Your one-stop for meeting ESG & CSR requirements!

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Less Waste & Cleaner Environment​

Elevate ESG Commitment

Safe & Healthier Solution

Contribute Toward CSR

Listen From Our Supporters

“ I really like this concept! it’s so convenient for people, no cleaning required! And can hold a lot of food ”

FGV Stuff
FGV Stuff

From The Customer

“ I like the idea of OPACK; very environmentally friendly. I didn't know Malaysia had this kind of company.

FGV Stuff
FGV Stuff

From The Customer

“ Looking forward to seeing more types of designs in the future”

Always Lapar
Always Lapar

From The Vendor


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